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    Chongqing Guoren Medical Apparatus understands your expectations. We know that quality, efficiency and economy play important roles in your decision process. Ideally you want more than just a supplier , you want a business partner who cares as much as you do about your market. That’s where Chongqing Guoren Medical Apparatus can exceed your expectations. We are experts in our field and our goals are to deliver professional service, reliably, and beyond the expectation of other suppliers.


How dose Guoren TDP Therapeutic Apparatus Improve The Symptoms And Disease?


     The therapeutic board of Guoren TDP therapeutic apparatus carries the similar elements

of the human body, and after being heated, these elements will generate the oscillation message with various element features, which will be carried into the human body by the infrared rays entering that body. The oscillation message shall resonate with the similar elements in the body to enhance the activity of those elements, atom groups, and molecular groups, to activate the activity of the enzymes inside the body, to regulate the relative balance of various elements in the body, to improve the assimilation of such deficient elements in the body, and to dredge the microcirculation system of the affected part so as to promote the auto immunity and anti-disease capability of the body. So, the application of Guoren TDP therapeutic apparatus is a kind of brand-new supplementary therapy method which can activate the various elements in human body based on the basic principle ’Treating the diseases seeking the intrinsic nature’.


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